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In the boisterous world of Brazilian sertanejo, where machismo often reigns supreme, Humberto e Ronaldo's "A Uma Ex Atrás" stands as a refreshingly honest and vulnerable ode to past love and the lingering pain of heartbreak. From the opening notes of the melancholic piano melody to the raw emotion in their voices, the song transcends the genre's typical bravado and delves into the depths of human emotions.

A Melody that Captures the Ache of Loss

The song begins with a soft, melancholic piano melody that instantly sets the tone for a journey through the emotional landscape of heartbreak. It's a stark contrast to the often upbeat and energetic rhythms of sertanejo, creating a space for introspection and reflection. As the melody progresses, gentle guitar strums and subtle percussion add texture and depth, further emphasizing the emotional weight of the lyrics.

Lyrics that Lay Bare the Soul

The lyrics of "A Uma Ex Atrás" are where the song truly shines. Humberto and Ronaldo, known for their playful and energetic stage presence, shed their usual personas here, opting for a raw and honest approach. Lines like "Eu ainda acredito no amor, uma ex atrás, um eu te amo que eu ouvi" (meaning "I still believe in love, one ex behind, an I love you that I heard") and "Eu ainda colocava coração quando tirava a roupa, e aqui na minha boca só tinha uma boca" (meaning "I still put my heart into it when I took off my clothes, and here in my mouth there was only one mouth") lay bare their vulnerability and the lingering attachment they feel towards their past love.

Vocals that Convey Vulnerability and Strength

Humberto and Ronaldo's vocals are another key ingredient in the song's success. Singing in unison at times and trading verses at others, they perfectly capture the duality of emotions – the pain of loss intertwined with the strength of moving forward. Humberto's voice, with its gravelly texture, adds a layer of authenticity to the lyrics, while Ronaldo's smoother vocals provide a counterpoint, reflecting the delicate balance between vulnerability and resilience.

A Performance that Resonates with the Audience

The live performance of "A Uma Ex Atrás" from the "Evolution" DVD further amplifies the song's emotional impact. Humberto and Ronaldo, stripped down from their usual flamboyant costumes and backed by a simple piano and guitar setup, deliver a heartfelt performance that resonates deeply with the audience. The raw emotion in their eyes and voices creates a sense of intimacy and shared vulnerability, as if they were singing directly to each broken heart in the room.

Beyond Sertanejo: A Touchstone for Vulnerability

"A Uma Ex Atrás" transcends the boundaries of the sertanejo genre. It speaks to a universal truth about the human experience – the pain of heartbreak and the struggle to move on. In a world that often glorifies machismo and emotional stoicism, the song's vulnerability and honesty offer a refreshing perspective and a safe space for listeners to confront their own emotions.

Looking Forward to More Vulnerability in Sertanejo

The success of "A Uma Ex Atrás" has sparked a conversation about the need for more vulnerability in sertanejo music. Artists are increasingly pushing the boundaries of the genre, exploring themes of heartbreak, loss, and personal growth. Humberto e Ronaldo, with their willingness to lay their hearts bare, have paved the way for a new wave of emotional expression in Brazilian music.


"A Uma Ex Atrás" is more than just a sertanejo song; it's a poignant reminder that vulnerability is strength. In a world that often demands emotional armor, Humberto and Ronaldo's courage to be open and honest about their pain offers a powerful message of empathy and shared humanity. As Brazilian sertanejo continues to evolve, "A Uma Ex Atrás" stands as a testament to the genre's potential to delve into the depths of human emotions and connect with audiences on a deeper level.