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(Payal Dev)

Baithi Baithi Mein Tune Aag Bhar Di
Khali Bottle Mein Sharaab Bhar Di
Teri Kasam Bilkul Seedhi Sadi Thi Mein Tune Ladki Kharab Kar Di


Ya Ya
Ek Baat Samajh Le
Mein Bolu Kam Aankhon Se Padhle
Game Ke Top Pe Baitha
Jiske Bhi Bas Ki Wo Aake Pakadle
Inse Game Crack Hi Nai Hora.. Na
Hit Koi Track Hi Nai Hora .. Na
Yahaan Fir Maine Scene Change Kiya
Aur Kuch Logo Ka Come Back Hi Nai Hora.. Woo
Badshah Hai Naam Meri Jaan,
Pyaar So Mujhko Wo Baddie Bolti Hai, Aye
Game Mein Laundo Ka Baap Hoon Baby
Ek Tu Hi Thodi Hai Jo Mujhe Daddy Bolti Hai

(Payal Dev)

Subah Se Shaam Tak, Bas Tera Naam Lu
Tujhko Jo Dekhu Mein Dil Apna Thaam Lu
Jo Tu Mujhe Choole Toh Badan Mein Sansani
Khudko Samjhati Hu Ke Sabar Se Kaam Lu
Neende Meri Tune Haraam Kar Di
Gandi Meri Tune Zabaan Kar Di
Teri Kasam Bilkul Seedhi Sadi Thi Mein Tune Ladki Kharab Kar Di


Koi Ungli Karta Hai, Haa, Toh Mein Baanh Bhi Chadhata Hu Par Saamne Ho Bandhi Toh Mein Good Boy Ban Jaata Hoon
Ya, Udti Hai Khabare Leta Na Stress, No
Game Ka Carter On To The Next, Ho
Plane Hai Private Life Hai Blessed, Yeah
Muthi Mein Game Mere Ghante Pe Press
Badboyshah Kaise Tuje Tere Bas Ka Laga
Na Mujhe Aisa Maska Laga
Rahi Na Kisi Kaam Dham Ki Jabse Ladki Ko Chaska Laga Mera

Ya , Ish You Boy , It’s Your Boy Badshah

(Payal Dev)

Ladki Kharab Kar Di

POPULAR SONGS 2023 / 2024 & LYRICS, top songs, billboard 100, best new songs, song lyrics, trending, charts, letra, lirik lagu, sarki sözleri,
Badshah, the king of Bollywood party anthems, takes a sharp turn into the dark and twisted with his latest offering, "SANAK" from the 3AM Sessions EP. This isn't your typical Badshah tune; it's a swirling vortex of psychedelic rock, electronic beats, and raw, unfiltered emotion, leaving you breathless and wanting more.

From Party King to Psyche Delver:

"SANAK" throws open the door to a Badshah you haven't seen before. Gone are the catchy hooks and upbeat rhythms, replaced by a brooding melody and distorted vocals that weave a tale of inner turmoil and descent into madness. The song is a stark departure from his usual genre, yet the Badshah signature remains – his charismatic presence and powerful delivery are undeniable, even amid the sonic chaos.

A Tapestry of Sound:

The music is a genre-bending masterpiece. Opening with haunting piano chords, it quickly escalates into a whirlwind of distorted guitars, pulsating synths, and driving drums. The electronic beats provide a hypnotic undercurrent, while the psychedelic rock influences add a layer of darkness and intrigue. It's a soundscape that feels both familiar and unsettling, perfectly capturing the song's themes of obsession and mental chaos.

Lyrical Descent into Darkness:

The lyrics, penned by Badshah himself, are raw and unflinching. He lays bare his vulnerabilities, singing of losing control, being haunted by memories, and succumbing to the darkness within. Lines like "Dhundhla hai dimag, saans tak na le paun mai" (My mind is foggy, I can't even breathe) and "Jaal sa hai yeh pyaar, doob raha hoon main aise" (This love is like a trap, I'm drowning like this) paint a vivid picture of a mind unraveling at the seams.

Visual Representation of Inner Turmoil:

The music video, directed by Vijay Kumar Meena, is a visual extension of the song's darkness. Black and white hues dominate, punctuated by flashes of neon and distorted imagery. Badshah is a haunted figure, trapped in a maze of his own creation. The symbolism is heavy, from the crumbling walls to the caged birds, reflecting the themes of confinement and inner struggle.

Beyond the Dark Tune:

While "SANAK" is undeniably dark and intense, it's not just a descent into madness. There's a message of resilience hidden within the chaos. The final lines, "Mushkil lagega par sambhal lunga mai" (It will be difficult, but I will recover) show a glimmer of hope, a defiant spirit that refuses to surrender to the darkness.

Pushing Boundaries:

"SANAK" is a bold experiment from Badshah, a testament to his artistic growth and willingness to push boundaries. It's a song that challenges listener expectations, forcing us to confront uncomfortable emotions and explore the darker corners of the human psyche. It's not for everyone, but for those who embrace its darkness, it's a powerful and unforgettable experience.

Badshah has unleashed his inner demons with "SANAK," and the result is a captivating sonic trip into the depths of madness and back. Whether you love it or hate it, there's no denying its raw power and impact. So, turn off the lights, crank up the volume, and let Badshah guide you through the psychedelic chaos of "SANAK."