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"Barbie Girl" is a song by Danish-Norwegian dance-pop group Aqua. It was released in April 1997 as the third single from the group's debut studio album, Aquarium (1997). The song was written by band members Søren Rasted, Claus Norreen, René Dif, and Lene Nystrøm, and was produced by the former two alongside Johnny Jam and Delgado. It was written after Rasted saw an exhibit on kitsch culture in Denmark that featured Barbie dolls.

The song is a satirical take on the Barbie doll and the culture that surrounds it. The lyrics describe a Barbie doll as a "blonde bimbo" who is "dressed to the nines." The song also suggests that Barbie is a sex object, with lyrics such as "kiss me here, touch me there, hanky-panky."

"Barbie Girl" was a commercial success, reaching number one in several countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. However, the song was also controversial, with some critics accusing it of being sexist and degrading to women.

In 1997, Mattel, the manufacturer of Barbie dolls, sued Aqua for copyright infringement and trademark violation. The lawsuit was eventually settled in favor of Aqua, but the controversy surrounding the song continued.

Despite the controversy, "Barbie Girl" remains a popular song today. It is often seen as a campy and fun classic, and it continues to be played at clubs and parties around the world.

Overall, "Barbie Girl" is a well-crafted song with catchy melodies and clever lyrics. It is a satirical take on the Barbie doll and the culture that surrounds it. The song was controversial when it was released, but it remains a popular classic today.