In the 2023 Pixar masterpiece "Elemental," amidst stunning animation and heartwarming storytelling, shines a musical gem: Lauv's "Steal the Show." This isn't just a soundtrack song; it's a soaring ballad that perfectly encapsulates the film's themes of love, acceptance, and defying expectations. With its fiery verses and gentle choruses, it paints a portrait of two kindred spirits finding their own unique rhythm in a world defined by difference.

A Duet of Water and Flame:

The song opens with a gentle piano melody, introducing Ember, a fiery water spirit, yearning for adventure beyond her confines. Then, Lauv's ethereal voice weaves in, echoing Ember's desire to "shine, show" and break free from the limitations placed upon her. As the song progresses, Wade, a stoic air spirit, joins the melody with his deep baritone, contrasting Ember's passionate fire with a calming breeze. This vocal interplay beautifully reflects the film's central relationship, two vastly different elements finding harmony in their shared vulnerabilities.

Lyrics that Dance Between Vulnerability and Determination:

The lyrics, penned by Lauv and "Elemental" composer Thomas Newman, are simple yet profoundly moving. Lines like "Started out on a one-way train, always nowhere else to go next" capture Ember's restless spirit, while "And I we go together, oh for you, so if it's real then," reveals her blossoming love for Wade. The chorus, a defiant cry of "Shine, you shine like forever/You shine, you steal the show," celebrates their newfound confidence and determination to carve their own path, together.

A Music Video that Mirrors the Inner Flames:

The song's official lyric video, directed by Daniel Elies, further amplifies its emotional resonance. We see Ember and Wade's animated forms intertwining, their contrasting elements visually depicting their evolving relationship. Ember's fiery orange blends with Wade's calming blue, symbolizing their acceptance of each other's differences. The video takes us through whimsical landscapes and intimate moments, mirroring the love story unfolding in the film and solidifying "Steal the Show" as its emotional anchor.

More Than Just a Pixar Tune:

"Steal the Show" transcends the boundaries of a typical animated film song. It resonates with anyone who has ever felt different, misunderstood, or yearning to defy expectations. The message of accepting oneself and finding strength in vulnerability rings true across generations and backgrounds. This is a song for the dreamers, the misfits, and the lovers who dare to believe that their unique spark can indeed steal the show.

A Legacy of Empowerment and Acceptance:

With "Steal the Show," Lauv cements her place as a songwriter who can craft melodies that both entertain and inspire. The song not only serves as a powerful emotional arc within "Elemental," but also stands on its own as a testament to the beauty found in embracing our differences and letting our individual flames shine. So, turn up the volume, let the fiery chorus wash over you, and remember, you too have the power to steal the show, just by being yourself.