In the realm of contemporary R&B, Khalid has emerged as a captivating and introspective artist, renowned for his velvety vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and ability to weave compelling narratives into his songs. His 2018 single "Better" is a poignant and emotionally charged ballad of unrequited love, showcasing his mastery of storytelling and his ability to evoke deep emotions in his listeners.

A Song that Delves into the Complexities of Unrequited Love

"Better" opens with a slow and melancholic piano melody, immediately setting the stage for an emotionally resonant listening experience. Khalid's vocals, filled with raw emotion and conviction, deliver the lyrics with a touch of wistfulness, painting a vivid picture of a man reminiscing about his unrequited love for a woman he met during a taxi ride.

The lyrics of "Better" delve into the complexities of unrequited love, capturing the lingering emotions and unspoken desires that often accompany such experiences. The singer describes the fleeting yet impactful encounter with the woman, the sparks of connection that ignited within him, and the pain of realizing that his feelings were not reciprocated. The chorus, "And I confess to you that in this taxi / I have lost the desire to keep traveling / Because in your eyes I have lost myself," is a powerful declaration of his longing and the realization that his heart has been lost in the depths of her gaze.

The music video for "Better" perfectly complements the song's raw and emotional tone. Directed by Carlos Pérez-Simón, the video features Khalid performing the song in a series of intimate and introspective scenes. The video's use of black and white imagery and the focus on Khalid's expressive face underscore the song's emotional depth and the singer's genuine connection to the material.

A Cultural Impact that Resonates with Audiences

"Better" has had a profound impact on the R&B music scene and beyond. The song quickly topped charts in the United States and internationally, becoming a staple in radio stations, streaming platforms, and various playlists. It has also garnered critical acclaim for its heartfelt lyrics, Khalid's evocative vocals, and the captivating music video.

Beyond its commercial success, "Better" has also resonated with audiences worldwide, becoming an anthem for those who have experienced the bittersweet pain of unrequited love. The song's message of longing, acceptance, and the beauty of fleeting moments has inspired countless individuals to embrace their emotions, cherish their memories, and find solace in the power of music to capture and express the complexities of human experience.

A Timeless Ballad of Lost Love and the Enduring Power of Memories

Khalid's "Better" stands as a testament to the power of music to transcend genres, unite people through shared emotions, and create timeless classics. The song's poignant melody, heartfelt lyrics, and captivating music video have made it an R&B masterpiece, a ballad of unrequited love that continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, reminding us that even in the midst of unfulfilled desires, there is always beauty to be found in the memories we hold dear.


Nothing feels better than this
Nothing feels better
Nothing feels better than this
Nothing feels better, oh no
We don't gotta hide, this is what you like
I'll admit
Nothing feels better than this